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The Little Hearts Dream Foundation (LHDF) provides primary education to marginalized and severely disadvantaged Haitian children. LHDF established two schools operating in Cap-Haitian and Robillard Haiti that enforce the otherwise routinely violated human right to education for Haitian Children. LHDF seeks to tackle the obstacles surrounding the right to education, health, and food. Presently, The Little Hearts Dream Foundation continues to serve marginalized victims of a flawed education system, systemic and institutional burdens, and those affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti through enforcing the basic standard of living for all students, including orphans, by:

Training the Next Generation of Haiti’s Future Leaders

The Little Heart’s Dream Foundation’s cutting-edge courses for children excluded from education come from vulnerable, and severely disadvantaged backgrounds stuck in a systemic cycle of poverty. Our Courses include Mathematics, Science, Writing, ESL, Financial Literacy Physical education, and Entrepreneurship. LHDF works tirelessly to help kids reach their optimal potential by expanding our resources, by providing children with the foundation and tools they need to create their fruitful future and become self-reliant and confident. The LHDF’s courses seek to push through the cycle and offer a lane that halts the cyclical disadvantage. The Little Hearts Dream foundation believes that training Haiti’s future leaders are an answer to long-lasting and sustainable growth, which will have an incredible impact on Haiti’s future. LHDF additionally offers professional development opportunities for parents and our team of Haitian staff members to build capacity to address Haiti’s future’s challenges and abroad.

 Providing Healthcare and Nutrition

The Little Hearts Dream Foundation works to improve the overall health of our students and members of the surrounding community. Our facilities have doctors on site who not just cover the treatment of ailments, distributions of medication, and supplies, they also provide school-based public health outreach to our Haitian Staff, Students and Community. Our highly skilled cooks align our excellent healthcare practices, with healthy nutrition. We provide our schools with fresh food for over one hundred students. We ensure that our kitchens are kept clean, meals are cooked thoroughly with clean water, raw materials and held under safe temperatures.

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