These Are the Heroes with the Passion to Transform Their Communities



The 2010 earthquake destroyed 294,383 homes in Haiti. With so many families rendered homeless by forces beyond human control, rebuilding homes is one of the most important things that we can do. With the supports of donors, LHDF is building homes for the population of Haiti. This provides shelter to protect them from the smiting sun and the extreme weather conditions all year round.

house building


The impact of effective family planning on population growth and the development of a nation cannot be overemphasized. With our relentless effort to sharpen the future of the population in Haiti through good education, healthcare, and food provision, we enlighten the population on the relevance of family planning and birth control on both individual and national health.


Health is wealth. Without good and sustainable health, all our efforts are futile. Therefore, with this and knowledge of healthcare being a primary need for a growing population, we are providing good healthcare for the population of Haiti. We transport medical equipment and drugs from the U.S. to Haiti, with the support of donors. You can be a part of this great movement too.

medical care


Healthy food is a necessity for growing children. To ensure a healthy future and growth, children must be provided with the essential nutrients. Feeding this wanting population is one of our primary objectives. With food materials imported from neighboring nations, these children, youths, and the aging population of Haiti are finding new hopes with every dawn. You can be a part of this too.


All the food in the world will never take the place of love, belongingness, and the warmth that we yearn for as humans. Having a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on have a resounding effect on the mental health of this growing population and we are determined to express our love and support for them.

love and support
clean water


Earthquakes and other natural disasters have their stings that last for several years, leaving its victim with infected water and unpleasant memories. Providing clean water to a population that can’t find a good source of healthy water, otherwise, means a lot to us and we implore you to join us.

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